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Our value proposition

Orkla ASA creates sustainable value through active ownership of brands and consumer companies:

1) By driving organic value creation in portfolio companies through access to capital to fuel growth, acceleration of growth and performance with strong operational and strategic expertise and realization of revenue and cost synergies, all supported by a long-term mindset.

2) By executing industry-shaping moves enabled by our autonomous portfolio company structure and flexible ownership approach.

Our ambition

Our overall ambition is to create value through active ownership in brands and consumer companies. We create sustainable value by

1) Developing strong companies through active ownership utilising our unique combined exertise; and

2) Industry-shaping structural moves where we have a flexible approach, always integrating sustainability in all business decisions.

Clear strategy for capital allocation

Orkla has transformed into an industrial investment company with a brands and consumer-oriented scope.

#1 priority is to maintain an attractive and predictable dividend policy

#2 priority is value accretive M&A and organic investments in strengthening the future Orkla

#3 priority is to return excess capital to shareholders

The Board of Directors has proposed a dividend policy aimed at increasing the dividend from its current level of NOK 3.00 per share, normally to within 50-70% of Earnings Per Share.

The Group’s goal is to retain investment grade credit quality, currently implying a target of net interest-bearing liabilities / EBITDA of 2.5.