Annual General Meeting

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The objects clause of Orkla’s Articles of Association defines and specifies the Group’s operations.

Orkla’s General Meeting is held every year before the end of May. Notices of general meetings and related documents are made available on Orkla’s website no later than 21 days prior to the date of the meeting. The final date for giving notice of attendance is three working days prior to the general meeting. Shareholders are given the opportunity to vote on the election of every single candidate to an office in the Nomination Committee and on the Board of Directors. The auditor and members of the Board of Directors and Nomination Committee are present at general meetings.

Orkla seeks to ensure that as many shareholders as possible are able to exercise their rights by participating in general meetings, and that the general meeting is an effective meeting place for shareholders and the Board of Directors. Shareholders who are unable to attend the general meeting may vote by proxy.